Manufacturing Products

The continuous use and renewal of innovative instruments and machinery, together with research and development of new materials, today allows us to execute many types of work and offer an ever more complete service.

We are above all specialized in embroidery and quilting with strong threads for high fashion leather, apparel, and accessories.

In fact, a good part of our work is dedicated to bags and shoes, where we boast real and true revolutionary techniques.

Our experience and skills allow us to continuously modify and optimize our embroidery machines with advanced technologies in order to always achieve superior quality and offer products that only we can create.


We have high production ZSK embroidery machines that are able to cover a field of 1m x 6m, that are managed directly from the office inside the firm concerning planning and embroidery punching.



We already work with embroidered motifs on outerwear, shoe vamps and panels for bags and baggage, or on leather, furs, entire reptiles and piece goods. We use # 15/30/50/70 Sharp polyester threads, threads for garment dying, elastic and viscose threads for the more classic embroideries.




Pattern embroidery: directly on clean motifs, ready to be attached without hemming or stitching around perimeter to fasten threads.



Embroidery in relief: and tridimensional effects on 2mm to 25mm foam rubber and on 45gr to 300gr padding.




Quilting embroidery: stitch length from
2mm to 6mm






Elastic embroidery or elastic effect: for those that want this external effect, but need a rigid base for better execution




Smocking and other artisanal techniques: of great refinement without visible stitching





Embroidery with appliqués: narrow ribbons, beads, cords, sequin tapes and threaded sequins 

Traditional embroidery: any type of design or effect that may strike your fantasy

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